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Programs & Services


“What are the services and programs you offer
and how can they help me succeed?”

I offer a range of programs and services designed to help you transform your financial and lifestyle stress into inspired action. As you read about the programs below, click on the links to get more information and see how these programs will meet your needs. If something interests you or you have questions, send me an email–I’d love to hear from you.


Financial Dating® Program

Get out of debt, build wealth and get on the same page with your partner

Work as a winning financial team with your partner. Financial Dating is a revolutionary approach to creating financial success and freedom for couples. You’ll learn how to have fun, productive Dates with your partner to talk about money, take financial action and achieve your financial goals. Discover how to successfully blend the emotional and practical sides of money management so that money becomes your tool for connection and prosperity instead of conflict and stress.

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Live Richly Program

A holistic approach to making more money AND having a life

Many of us work harder and longer hours to make more money and get ahead, at the expense of our personal time, energy and health. Studies show that 90% of the people who’ve created financial success attribute their success to their attitude as opposed to the number of hours worked. This program explores the deeper spiritual and emotional aspects of money management and lifestyle prosperity. Use your burning desire for financial success as a tool for personal transformation to create more time, money and ease in your busy life.

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After you've read about the specific programs and services I offer click here to read About Leslie and why I have the ideal experience to help you get on the same page, get out of debt and build wealth so that you achieve inner and outer wealth.